Meg & Matt ~ Crooked Willow Farms Wedding

A crystal clear Colorado sky. The rustic elegance of a big red barn. And an amazing couple deeply in love. I can’t imagine a more perfect day for Meg & Matt. Their wedding at Crooked Willow Farms was rich with emotion and infused with joy. So much joy. And love. And laughter. Exquisite. The entire event was beautifully designed and …

Crooked Willow Farms Wedding ~ Meg & Matt

Congratulations, Meg & Matt! So much love and joy on such an incredible wedding day at Crooked Willow Farms. Today’s post is just a small glimpse – all sorts of loveliness headed your way soon :)♥♥♥ Special shout out to Dana & Chelle & the entire team at Revel & Bloom

Crooked Willow Farms Wedding ~ Haley & Payden

I’ve been so excited to share Haley & Payden’s amazing wedding at Crooked Willow Farms. Crooked Willow is a venue tucked away in the town of Larkspur that embodies a quintessential ‘Colorado’ feel – it’s the perfect blend of rustic elegance. And the perfect location for Haley & Payden. Haley & Payden are warm and funny, they laugh easily and …

Haley & Payden ~ Crooked Willow Farms Wedding

Just a quick peek from Haley & Payden’s incredible wedding at Crooked Willow Farms!! ♥ The entire event was perfection down last detail with special thanks to Amber and her dream team from Save the Date Events.  More soon, I promise.

Crooked Willow Farms Wedding ~ Lindsey & Justin

Happy Monday! I have been so excited to share some of the highlights from Lindsey and Justin’s gorgeous Crooked Willow Farms wedding. Lindsey & Justin are such a delight to work with, they are playful and passionate, and exude a sense joie de vivre that is infectious. The wedding itself was planned and coordinated down to every last exquisite detail …